Flesh or Spirit

[We indeed do live in dangerous times:] 2 Timothy 3:1-8 (KJVR) This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. (2) For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, (3) Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, (4) Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; (5) Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. (6) For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, (7) Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. (8) Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.

In the last days perilous dangerous, times shall come for men shall be:

Lovers of their own selves

Covetous - lovers of money

Boasters boastful - braggarts

Proud - arrogant


Disobedient to parents*



Without natural affection

Trucebreakers - unforgiving

False accusers - slanderers

Incontinent - without self-control

Fierce - savage

Despisers of those that are good

Traitors - betrayers

Heady- headstrong - reckless

Conceited - egotistical

Lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God

Having a form of godliness

Denying the power thereof

From such turn away

*Ephesians 6:1-4 (WEB) Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. (2) "Honor your father and mother," which is the first commandment with a promise: (3) "that it may be well with you, and you may live long on the earth." (4)   You fathers, don't provoke your children to wrath, but nurture them in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

God is a spirit John 4:23-24 (WEB) "But the hour comes, and now is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father seeks such to be His worshippers. (24) God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth."

2 Timothy 3:12-13 (WEB) Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. (13) But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

Now therefore fear the LORD, and serve Him in sincerity and in truth: and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the flood, and in Egypt; and serve you the LORD. And if it seems evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom you will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. And the people answered and said, God forbid that we should forsake the LORD, to serve other gods; (Joshua 24:14-16)

2 Timothy 1:6-7 (WEB) For this cause, I remind you that you should stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands. (7) For God didn't give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-control.

Works of the flesh are obvious Galatians 5:19-21


Fornication - sexual immorality


Lasciviousness - lustfulness

Idolatry - false gods

Witchcraft - sorcery


Variance - strife

Emulatins - jealousies

Wrath - outbursts of anger

Strife - rivalries (gangs)

Seditions - divisions





Revelings - orgies

And things like these

1 Peter 2:1-2 (WEB) Putting away therefore all wickedness, all deceit, hypocrisies, envies, and all evil speaking, (2) as newborn babes, long for the pure milk of the Word, that you may grow thereby,

Fruit of the Spirit Galatians 5:22-23




Longsuffering - patience

Gentleness - kindness


Faith - faithfulness

Meekness - gentleness

Temperance - self-control

Hebrews 13:4-6 (WEB) Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the bed be undefiled: but God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterers. (5) Be free from the love of money, content with such things as you have, for He has said, "I will in no way leave you, neither will I in any way forsake you." 6) So that with good courage we say, "The Lord is my helper. I will not fear. What can man do to me?"

Philippians 4:13 (WEB) I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

[Walk in the spirit:] Galatians 5:25 If we live by the Spirit, let's also walk by the Spirit.

Philippians 4:5 (KJV) Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.

Think on these things Philippians 4:8

Whatever things are true

Whatever things are honest - honorable

Whatever things are just

Whatever things are pure

Whatever things are lovely

Whatever things are of good report

If there is any virtue

If there is any praise

Think about these things

Galatians 6:1-10 (WEB) Brothers, even if a man is caught in some fault, you who are spiritual must restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness; looking to yourself so that you also aren't tempted. (2) Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. (3) For if a man thinks himself to be something when he is nothing, he deceives himself. (4) But let each man test his own work, and then he will take pride in himself and not in his neighbor. (5) For each man will bear his own burden. (6) But let him who is taught in the word share all good things with him who teaches. (7) Don't be deceived. God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that will he also reap. (8) For he who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption. But he who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. (9) Let us not be weary in doing good, for we will reap in due season, if we don't give up. (10) So then, as we have opportunity, let's do what is good toward all men, and especially toward those who are of the household of the faith.

Hebrews 6:1-6 (ISV) Therefore, leaving behind the elementary teachings about Christ, let us continue to be carried along to maturity, not laying again a foundation of repentance from dead works, faith toward God, (2) instruction about baptisms, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment. (3) And this we will do, if God permits. (4) For it is impossible to keep on restoring to repentance time and again people who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, who have become sharers of the Holy Spirit, (5) who have tasted the goodness of God's word and the powers of the coming age, (6) and who have fallen away, as long as they continue to crucify to themselves the Son of God and to expose him to public ridicule.

Matthew 10:22 (KJVR) And you shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endures to the end shall be saved.

Matthew 24:13 (KJVR) But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

Mark 13:13 (KJVR) And you shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

Mark 16:16 (KJVR) He that believes and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believes not shall be damned.

John 10:9 (KJVR) I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.

Isaiah 55:6 (KJV Rev) Seek you the LORD while He may be found, call you upon Him while He is near:

Amos 8:11 (KJV Rev) Behold, the days come, says the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:

Acts 2:16-21 (WEB)
But this is what has been spoken through the prophet Joel:
(17) 'It will be in the last days, says God, That I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh. Your sons and your daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions. Your old men will dream dreams. (18) Yes, and on my servants and on my handmaidens in those days, I will pour out my Spirit, and they will prophesy. (19) I will show wonders in the sky above, And signs on the earth beneath; Blood, and fire, and billows of smoke. (20) The sun will be turned into darkness, And the moon into blood, Before the great and glorious day of the Lord comes. (21) It will be, that whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.'

Revelation 7:13-17 (WEB) One of the elders answered, saying to me, "These who are arrayed in white robes, who are they, and from where did they come?" (14) I told him, "My lord, you know." He said to me, "These are those who came out of the great tribulation. They washed their robes, and made them white in the Lamb's blood. (15) Therefore they are before the throne of God, they serve him day and night in his temple. He who sits on the throne will spread his tent over them. (16) They will never be hungry, neither thirsty any more; neither will the sun beat on them, nor any heat; (17) for the Lamb who is in the midst of the throne shepherds them, and leads them to springs of waters of life. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes."

Revelation 22:20-21 (WEB) (20) He who testifies these things says, "Yes, I come quickly." Amen! Yes, come, Lord Jesus. (21) The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with all the saints. Amen.